Success Stories

The real heroes of West Coast Startup are the companies, innovator teams and the people taking part in our events making everything possible. Here are some examples of the success stories now making a dent and being awesome:

Platonic Partnership is an award-winning game studio, specializing in development of world-class story games and VR/AR experiences. The company was awarded the Finnish Game Developer of the Year 2017 award.

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Jubic Oy offers complete software project execution starting from specification, all the way throug execution and life-cycle management.

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Logo_newEdifyTalent is R&D focussed ‘career synthesising’ company that provides multi–sided solutions to the talent marketplace. We, at EdifyTalent Oy, envision an ecosystem that connects academia, research and industry creating a seamless global talent marketplace that leverages machine learning and robotic process automation to reinvent the talent value chain.

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AutomatonmustaOIlmanysäriäAutomaton Oy is developing control systems that enable automated remote control and automation of assets utilizing GPS tracking, compass and accelerometer for navigation.

iLuSpaceiLu Space Oy builds climate solutions using data from space. We use advanced machine learning, AI and satellite data to reduce the impact of climate change. Our aim is to decarbonize the economy to achieve the goal of net zero.

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Incoach Oy specialises in esports coaching and aims to bring systematic training to everyone interested in competitive gaming. The company focuses on making Finland the worlds leading esports country by improving the training possibilities of competitive gamers. Incoach’s services vary from coaching to consulting and in 2020 the company estimates to reach hundreds of players through schools, bootcamps and online services.

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taskshareTaskShare is a mobile application marketplace connecting gig-work seekers and private persons seeking for help in chores and tasks at home. The company aims to be part of sharing economy solutions balancing the imbalance of workload and income level in society between people, providing people with need of time a way to find it by searching for doers who on the other hand are seeking for job opportunities and income. Services like yard work, home maintenance, minor cleaning activities and dog walking can be found through TaskShare.

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vuokrabiiliVuokrabiili is a digital car rental marketplace, which helps customers to compare all the local service providers online. The company aims to be the first place to go when searching for a suitable rental car, van or a minibus nationwide.

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lainappiLainappi is a mobile application for peer2peer rental services. We provide a platform for consumers to safely rent household items from each other. Many items, such as tools, sports equipment, and cleaning gadgets serve low frequency of use for their owners. With Lainappi one can earn extra by renting out the items when they don’t need them. On the other flip side, another can rent an item without having to commit to buying one. In addition to our peer2peer model, we provide B2C renting through our physical self-service locker ”Lainappi laatikko”. Let’s make the future more sustainable by supporting sharing economy!

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Highlights – Events and hackathons:

Space Apps Challenge 2020 – Honorary mention nominee team >

Silakka Sitsit – Finnish Fish Products hackathon

NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge 2019 Vaasa >

Creathon – Mirka Innovation Challenge 2019 > Read more

Global Game Jam 2019 Vaasa

International NASA Space Apps Challenge 2018 Vaasa

Re:Build Hackathon 2018

Global Game Jam 2018 Vaasa