Future Health Innovation Challenge – September 2019

Nordic Innovations in Physical Activity and Health – target area: the Kvarken region


Event rescheduled to September 2019!

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This Innovation challenge is an event dedicated to creating new solutions in form of innovative products and services in physical activity and health aimed for the Kvarken region. The innovation may be a digital service, an app, a product or new ways of collaboration methods. The aim of the challenge is to create an even stronger position for the Kvarken region as a global pioneer in areas of physical activity, health and wellbeing.

Time: September, 2019
Place: Design Centre MUOVA (Wolffintie 36F11 / 4th floor, VAASA)

Preliminary schedule:

Friday 14.00-20.00 (challenge intros, building your team, start your project)
Saturday 10.00-18.00 (continue developing, finalizing your entry, presentations, winners selected)

The event is open for students in the Vaasa area and University of Umeå interested in technology, healthcare, business and marketing.

The challenges are provided by a joint project owned by University of Umeå, RISE Interactive, Folkhälsan Utbildning and Kuortane Olympic Training Center. The project is an Interreg-project (Botnia Atlantica) financed by Österbottens förbund, Region Västerbotten and Västerbottens läns landsting.


You don’t need a team beforehand. Teams are formed at the event site.

We are looking to build cross-disciplinary and multi-talented teams for diverse and innovative outcomes. The event is open for students of VAMK, University of Vaasa, Novia and Hanken in Finland and students of University of Umeå in Sweden. You can join from any background, however we look specifically for students within:

• Engineering (energy, mechanical design, robotics&automation, environment, IT)
• Healthcare and Health Technology
• Business, Communication, Marketing

Come and join our exciting event!



Our Partners

This Innovation Challenge is made possible by our sponsors Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Vaasa, Gambit, Wasaline, Nord InC and Toughest.

What do you get from this?

We are set out to have an awesome ~15 hours of excitement, discovery and fun!


We have an excellent set of goodies available for the winning ideas:

  • Sokos Hotel Vaakuna (Gift Certificates)
  • Gambit (Expert services)
  • Wasaline (Day cruises)
  • Nord InC (Idea sparring for winning team and presenting ideas in the Nord InC -network)
  • Toughest (Tickets to 17.8. Toughest -Event at Vöyri. read more at https://www.toughest.se/en/)


In addition to prizes there’s a lot to gain:
• Street Credibility and Bragging Rights
• The Limited Edition West Coast Startup Badge for your overalls
• Snacks and drinks
• Meeting new friends and building your network
• Learning new things
• Tangible experience in solving real world business challenges with agile development methodologies.

Nordic Innovation Challenge Description

Sweden and Finland share a heavy future burden; an aging and increasingly sedentary population that will lead to a sharp increase in lifestyle-related diseases and thus increasing both individual suffering and economic burden.

We need innovations that will enhance physical activity and health of the habitants in the Kvarken region. Pick one target area for your innovation together with your team members. We would love to see innovations that can be transformed to global innovations.

• the study campuses in Vaasa or Umeå (target group students)
• the new Wasaline ferry (target group tourists, business)
• the Kvarken region (target group habitants of the Kvarken region)
• the Nordic countries (target group habitants of the Nordic countries)

Digital innovation have the possibility to transform the future of health and care in Europe and turn demographic change into an opportunity for social development and economic growth.

Increasing physical and mental illness in the region and the realization that physical inactivity is a part of the cause, and that physical activity part of the solution, has raised the need for deeper understanding of the effects of physical activity to meet the health care needs.

The growing interest in physical activity and health from governmental agencies requires evidence-based guidelines from the academia, but it is also of importance that the increasing demand is met by the private market. According to the Swedish Sports Confederation, more than 3 million people are engaged in organized sports in Sweden and in Finland. This illustrates the potential for collaboration between health care and industry on the preventative and secondary preventative treatment with physical activity.

Briefing material

Nord InC is a center of excellence in physical activity that brings together contributors from academia, associations, industry and the public sector in the region of Kvarken. Our main goal is to develop the field of physical activity and health.

With grants from the European Regional Development Fund- Botnia Atlantica, Region Västerbotten and Region Österbotten, the center leads the development and production of new products and services such as mobile apps, web-based services and new treatment methods in the field of public health, as well as hardware and sensors in clothes and gear.

We want to put physical activity and health on the map by stimulating innovation and development. The center will be focusing on research, innovation and competence development within the area.

Join us in our vision to reverse the inactivity of the ageing population and make positive changes in the region through increased technological innovation, creating business opportunities and promoting public health.

The goal of Nord InC
• Partner in regional collaborations to advance innovations in physical activity and health research and practice.
• Support communication of, and excellence in research and practice on physical activity and public health in the Kvarken region.
• Develop capacity in research and practice on physical activity and health in the Kvarken region.
• Lead advocacy action and networking to advance research and knowledge dissemination to improve innovation and practice of physical activity.




The Future Health Innovation Challenge is organized in collaboration with the Nordic Innovation Center for Physical Activity and Health and Folkhälsan Utbildning Ab.

For more information, contact Jari Ratilainen (jari.ratilainen [a] muova.fi) or Camilla Stenbäck (camilla.stenback [a] folkhalsan.fi)

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